Open Call


Open Call for external companies


  • Project acronym: Qu-Pilot 
  • Project topic: Experimental production capabilities for quantum technologies in Europe 
  • Project grant agreement number: 101113983 

 Qu-Pilot is a Horizon Europe project that develops and provides access to pilot production facilities for quantum technologies in Europe. Through the Open Call, Qu-Pilot offers access to fabrication capabilities to EU-based quantum technology companies without the need for significant early-stage infrastructure investments. The offered technologies & services cover superconducting, photonics, semiconducting and diamond platforms enabling technologies for quantum computing, communication, and sensing.  In exchange of receiving services, the selected use case companies will be requested to provide feedback on service quality and recommendations for service improvements and better alignment.  


The Call is open to all EU companies

The Call is open to all EU companies in search of experimental production facilities incorporating cutting-edge technologies in quantum computing, communication, and sensing.  

 Your organisation must be established in one of the member states of the European Union, Iceland, Norway or Israel, with majority ownership and control therein. Successful companies will become parties to the Qu-Pilot Framework Partnership Agreement and will need to undergo an ownership control assessment performed by the European Commission.    

For the eligibility conditions please refer to the Horizon Europe Work Programme 2021, Digital, Industry and Space under the call: ‘HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-02-22: Framework Partnership Agreements for open testing and experimentation and for pilot production capabilities for quantum technologies (FPA)’ 



Expertise acquisition

By partnering with experts in the field, applicants can gain insights, knowledge, and guidance This expertise might include technical knowledge, market insights, regulatory guidance, or business development strategies. 

Reduced costs

Experimental production is for free (100% funded). Pilot manufacturing services provided by Qu-Pilot can represent a significant cost savings for applicants as applicants can access resources and facilities that might otherwise be financially out of reach. 

Accelerated development

By leveraging expertise and pilot manufacturing, applicants can accelerate the development timeline of their projects.  

Enhanced credibility

Partnering with reputable organizations or experts through the Open Call process can enhance the credibility and legitimacy of the applicant’s project. This increased credibility can be beneficial when seeking additional funding, attracting investors, or engaging with potential customers or partners. 

Network expansion

Working with the Qu-Pilot network through the Open Call process can expand an applicant’s network. Success in the Open Call can lead to recognition, making it easier to connect with key players and stakeholders.


Preparation phase: Companies are expected to fill in the intake form below to have their ideas pre-screened for technical feasibility. 

Evaluation phase: Any submitted proposal will be evaluated in the next cut-off by 3 independent evaluators. All proposals will be evaluated (scores ranging from 0 to 5) according to the following criteria:  

  • Excellence  
  • Impact  
  • Implementation 

The maximum overall score is 15. The standard threshold for individual criteria is 3 points. Proposals failing to achieve the threshold score per individual criteria will be rejected. Proposals will be ranked according to the overall scores in descending order. Please note that apart from the evaluation of each proposal individually, there will also be a portfolio assessment made by the Evaluation Panel. This assessment will consider the balance in usage of different services offered by the Qu-Pilot consortium and the capacities of its service providers, which may affect the final selection of the use cases. Evaluation results will be announced approximately 4 weeks from the cut-off date. 

Negotiation phase: Successful applicants will sign a Joint Implementation Agreement (JIA) with a dedicated Qu-Pilot Service Delivery Manager. Successful companies will be assisted in joining the Qu-Pilot Framework Partnership Agreement and undergoing the Ownership control assessment (hence the 3-month negotiation period). 

Service delivery: The entire process from cut-off date until the end of service delivery could take up to 16 months in case that your proposal is selected for funding.  


If you are interested in applying to the Call, please follow the steps listed below before submitting your application. 

  1. Check out the services of Qu-Pilot or other use cases examples to see if they fit your needs. You can choose more than one service from different service providers.

  2. Submit Qu-Pilot intake form for the pre-screening process, to discuss technical feasibility, here.

  3. If your intake form receives a positive evaluation, please carefully read the Open Call Application Guidelines.

  4. Download & Submit the Application Form within the application software at


Intake form

The only way to access our services is through an open call. Please complete the Qu-Pilot intake form below for the pre-screening process to discuss technical feasibility. If you need assistance with applying to the Call, please send us your enquiries by email to